Dureau van Dijk電子出版公司所提供六種資料庫試用,主要有公司資料、銀行資訊、經濟與併購等資料庫,試用日期為即日起至10/31日止,歡迎上網試用。



  • Bankscope-全球銀行與金融機構分析庫:提供包含曆年財務數據(Global format, Raw Data, All ratios)、各銀行全球及本國排名、標普/穆迪/惠譽的銀行個體評級(長短期、外彙、獨立性、支持力、商業債券等評級)、國家主權與風險評級、各銀行詳細股東與分支機構信息。

三、經濟資料:EIU Country Data

  • CountryData-各國宏觀經濟指標寶典:本資料庫為全面獲取全球各國宏觀經濟指標的曆史、當前及未來預測數值的實證宏觀分析庫。


  • Zephyr-全球併購交易分析庫:國際並購研究領域知名的分析庫,每天嚮用戶在線發布全球並購(M&A)、首發(IPO)、計劃首發(Planned IPO)、機構投資者收購(IBO)、管理層收購(MBO)、股票回購(Share Buyback)、杠杆收購(LBO)、反嚮收購(Reverse Takeover)、風險投資(VC)、合資(JV)等交易的最新信息。



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Databases on Trial:Bureau van Dijk: Company, Bank, M&A and Economics database trial

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvDEP) is one of the world's leading publishers of electronic business and company information. BvDEP is best known for its range of international company products that combines multiple high-quality data sources with flexible software to allow users to manipulate data for research, marketing intelligence and analysis.


OSIRIS is a comprehensive database of 47,000 Publicly Listed Corporations in 190 countries worldwide. In addition to up to 20 years of the Detailed Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statements, Cash Flow Statements and Financial Ratios, it contains historical stock data, Detailed Information on Ownership & Subsidiaries, as well as Ratings, Detailed Earnings Estimates to make it the most complete global listed company database available.

  • QIN

This database provides 300,000 Chinese listed and private companies.

  • Amadeus

This database provide Europe listed and private company financials.


A joint-venture product with FITCHRATINGS, it is a database of over 13,000 banks, bank holding companies and financial institutions around the world with up to 8 years of Detailed Financial Statements, Ratios and Ownership & Subsidiary Information.  BANKSCOPE also hosts the Bank Credit and Country Ratings of major credit rating agencies and provides 2 years of archived News articles from Reuters and FT.


ZEPHYR is an information solution containing M&A, IPO and venture capital deals with links to detailed financial company information. ZEPHYR has five years of global coverage and includes deals involving European or American companies going back to 1997. An advanced e-mail alert system allows you to track deals and have their progress sent to your inbox. You can tailor your alert system by sector, country, companies or choose to monitor particular advisors.

  • EIU CountryData

Jointly produced with The Economist Intelligence Unit, this is an analytical economics database of 317 key Indicators and Forecasts (covering categories such as Economic Structure, Foreign Payments, External Debt Stock, External Debt Service, External Trade) of 150 countries.  Users can create and display charts and graphs in seconds and export them to popular software packages.  In addition, a monthly 2-page "Country Outlook" write-up by the EIU is also available for each country covered.

Trial Date:From now to 10/31/2007

How to use:

Please go to NTU Library's homepage → click on "Databases" under "E-Resources"→ click on "Databases on Trial"→search or browse the database by subjects.?

Please use these trial databases in NTU Network (IP Range 140.112.*.*) and remember to click "logout" after using these databases.

Please follow the regulations of publisher's license agreements for the use of databases.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact us at (02)33662326 or email: tul@ntu.edu.tw