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EconLit由美國經濟學會(AEA)所建立,收錄自 1969 至今逾550國際性經濟學領域之期刊文章、書籍、研究報告、會議論文及博碩士論文等相關文獻之索摘資料。本校現增訂 EconLit with Full Text 不限使用人數版,內容收錄逾400種經濟類全文期刊,許多均沒有 embargo,如 : American Economic ReviewJournal of Economic LiteratureJournal of Economic Perspectives 等,歡迎上網使用。


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 Database : EconLit with Full Text (EBSCO)Now Available

Brief Description :

EconLit™ with Full Text contains all of the content available in EconLit, plus full text for more than 400 publications including titles from the American Economic Association (all with no embargo), such as: American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, and Journal of Economic Perspectives. This database also contains many non-English full-text journals in economics & finance. The full text titles can be searched using a publications index, created to allow ease of access to this material.--------


How to Use :

1.    Please go to Law and Social Sciences Library’s homepage→click on “Databases” under “E-Resources”click on “Economics” →click on the database

2.    Please follow the regulations of publisher's license agreements for the use of databases.

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