自立晚報》收錄1947創刊至1995年間,臺灣威權時期到民主轉型的過渡期間,政治社會新聞的真實樣貌,本庫完整呈現原始版面並有全文檢索功能,單頁可選擇局部剪下放大便於閱讀。報紙原件由美國胡佛研究所/史丹福大學收藏,East View公司製作。



集刊全文數據庫》聚焦在人文學/社會科學,收錄1979年至今百餘所中國研究機構之核心學刊、論文集、圖書等,共有8個子庫34學門,429種期刊(其中70%為獨家內容 ,57刊為CSSCI, 140刊為AMI)








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Database trial : Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines and three others (Chinese)

1. Description
(1) Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines (Chinese)

The series collects the epochal democracy magazines of public opinions forums published in Taiwan and Hong Kong from 1949 to date. It aims to digitize and represent anew these footmarks of significant opposition movements that are landmarks of different generations but are vanishing from paper collections of libraries, so to review the grace of those opinion leaders’thoughts in that era, and encourage alive people to learn from predecessors’ wisdom.

Trial access: until 2024.5.31

(2) Independence Evening Post Digital Archive (Chinese)

This archive showcases critical political and social news from Taiwan, 1947-1995, capturing the shift from authoritarianism to democracy without government bias.

Trial access: until 2024.5.31 

(3) Chinese Academic Journals and Anthologies Database (Chinese)

This database focuses on 'Humanities and Social Sciences.' It includes core journals, collected works, and books from over 100 top Chinese research institutions since 1979.

Trial access: until 2024.6.1

(4) CQVIP Chinese Journals Platform (Chinese)

This database includes more than 15,000 academic journals from China since 1989, featuring 75.85 million articles, with 3,967 exclusive titles. It covers 98-99% of core journals across 35 primary and 457 secondary disciplines, with humanities and social sciences making up 53% and STEM fields 47%. It offers multifaceted search capabilities, including mixed-script and synonym expansion searches, alongside comprehensive citation tracking.

Trial access: until 2024.6.30

2. Accessing the database
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Published: 2024.4.8