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2. 商管、經貿、餐飲觀光
3. 藝術、設計、文學
4. 社會、歷史、文化研究
5. 生命科學、環保、地球科學
6. 通識教育(含心理輔導、社會議題)
7. 醫學、護理、疾病新知
1.      請從本館網頁點選「研究資源」「電子資源」「資料庫」點選欲查詢的資料庫名稱。若於校外,請先設定校外連線VPN
2.      使用時請務必遵守出版社使用規範及版權聲明,以免觸法,並影響全校讀者之使用權益。
如有任何問題與建議,歡迎洽詢圖書館 Tel: 02-3366-2326; E-mail: tul@ntu.edu.tw

Database trial: BBC video online

1.      Description
The platform’s science, history, culture, health, business, etc. categories all contain more than 100 hours of informative content produced by BBC, which can be viewed on demand at the client’s on-campus IP address. The subtitle texts embedded in the video page enable the search function into the videos. The classic British drama listed on this platform will satisfy the audience's desire for entertainment.
Please click "IP登入" and then click “BBC” to enter. Here can watch the first 3 minutes of each video.
Limited to 10 concurrent users
Access until 2024.4.30
2.      Accessing the database
(1).     Please go to the NTU Library Homepage and click “Search & Find”→ “E-resources”→ “Databases”. And then click the link of the database you want to access in the trial list. To access trial databases from off-campus, please set up NTU SSL VPN.
(2).     Please follow the terms and conditions in the database providers’ license agreements when using databases.
If you have any questions, please contact us at (02)33662326 or e-mail: tul@ntu.edu.tw

Published: 2024.3.26