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Lyell Collection為倫敦地質學會(The Geological Society of London, GSL)建置之資料庫,一站式提供地球科學領域中的重要期刊、特藏出版品與學會出版叢書,包含了GSL成立以來的大部分內容,最早可溯及至1811年。GSL於1807年創立,是歐洲最具權威的地質學會,其出版電子書系列稱為Geological Society of London Special Publications Online Archives,是全球頂尖地科研究機構都視為重要的資源。

Books/Conferences > Special Publications > Content > All Volumes > Volume 301-450. (2008-2018年)




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New Database : Lyell Collection


1.     Description

Lyell Collection is an online collection comprising of the Geological Society of London’s journal titles, Special Publications and key book series. Founded in 1807, Geological Society of London (GSL) is the oldest geological society in the world. Their flagship books series, Special Publications Online Archives are renowned throughout the global geoscience community for their high quality of science and production.
Accessible content:

Books/Conferences > Special Publications > Content > All Volumes > Volume 301-450. (year 2008-2018)



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Published: 2023.11.17