新增資料庫: Korean studies Information Service System (KISS)DBpia & KRpia



Korean studies Information Service System (KISS): 韓國學術期刊文獻與研究報告資料庫,收錄內容涵蓋人文科學、文化科學、語言文學、教育學、社會學、商業經濟、法律、政治、自然科學、科技、醫學、護理、農業科學、藝術及體育文化等九大主題。包含1,000多種學術期刊,3,300多種學術出版品,共計130多萬篇全文(每年更新10萬多篇)

DBpia: 韓國學術電子期刊全文平台,收錄內容涵蓋社會科學、人文科學、工程、醫學等八種綜合性學科領域,涵蓋2,262家出版者與3,916種期刊。 

KRpia: 研究韓國領域的資料庫,收錄許多參考型資源,如字典、百科全書、歷史性回溯資料、傳記等,涵蓋韓國歷史、文學和醫學等領域。





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New Database: Korean studies Information Service System (KISS)DBpia & KRpia


1. Description

Korean studies Information Service System (KISS): Full text database of Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications and research papers published by over 1,200 research institutions in Korea.

DBpia is a multidisciplinary full-text database of journal articles published by major Korean research institutions.

KRpia: Full-text collection of Korean classical books. Users may search and retrieve primary sources, oral sources, classical texts, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and general reference works in fields such as Korean history, literature, civilization, medicine, architecture, and natural history. Databases both in Korean translation and in the classical Chinese-language original.


2. Accessing the database
(1) Please go to the
NTU Library Homepage and click Search & Find”→ “E-resources”→ “Databases. And then click the link of the database you want to access in the list. To access trial databases from off-campus, please set up NTU SSL VPN.
(2) Please follow the terms and conditions in the database providers
license agreements when using databases.

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Published: 2022/10/27