新增資料庫: British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900

一、 資料庫簡介

British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900收錄來自大英圖書館典藏報紙,刊物跨越了眾多國家、地區和地方研究領域。知名報紙包括《Morning Chronicle》—亨利·梅休和約翰·斯圖 爾特·穆勒都曾為其撰稿,《Graphic》—發表插畫、新聞及連環畫和《Examiner》— 激進的改革派和領先的知識期刊。

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New Database : British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900

1. Description

Ranging from early tabloids like the Illustrated Police News to radical papers like the Chartist Northern Star, publications in Part I span a vast range of national, regional, and local interests. Other notable papers of Part I include the Morning Chronicle, with famous contributors such as Henry Mayhew and John Stewart Mill; the Graphic, publishing both illustrations and news as well as illustrated fiction; and the Examiner, the radical reformist and leading intellectual journal.

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Published: 2021.10.20