[Workshop] Guide to NTU Library's Online Catalog and Discovery System

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The Online Catalog and Discovery System are NTU Library's primary search tools. The Catalog is used to find books, journals, newspapers and audiovisual materials held by NTU library. The Discovery system is a larger search system. In addition to the content searchable by the Catalog, it also covers journal articles and open access resources. This session gives a brief overview of how to use these search tools to identify and locate resources relevant to your study and research, including using advanced search, limiting search results and using other search functions to optimize your search result. Through this session, you will learn how to make better use of NTU library's resources and strengthen your basic research skills.
NTU Library Online Catalog and Discovery System:https://ntu.primo.exlibrisgroup.com
User's Guidehttp://tul.blog.ntu.edu.tw/archives/26518
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