英國Xreferplus是世界上最大的電子參考書線上服務,彙總了世界最主要的55個大型出版社包括: Macmillan、Cambridge、Elsevier、Blackwell、Harper Collins、Penguin、Houghton Mifflin、Routledge、Columbia University Press 、Peter Collin、Thames & Hudson、Penguin、Wiley、Bridgeman...等236種以上多達142,290 Pages等的各種類型電子參考書,包括字辭典、各學科專業辭典、百科全書、索引典、引用語辭典,內含超過二百八十萬個詞條,66,000 幅圖片,76,000個audio files-MP3聲音檔,超過九千萬言。


‧Art 藝術 ‧Bilinguals 雙語 ‧Biography 傳記 ‧Business 企業
‧Dictionaries 辭典 ‧Encyclopedias 百科 ‧Food 食物 ‧Geography 地理
‧History 歷史 ‧Language 語言 ‧Law 法律 ‧Literature 文學
‧Medicine 醫學藥品‧Music 音樂 ‧Technology 工業技術
‧Quotations 引用;語錄‧Religion 宗教 ‧Science 科學
‧Social Sciences 社會科學‧Philosophy & Psychology 哲學與心理學




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Database on Trial:


Brief Description:

xreferplus is a digital reference library that places a world of factual information at your fingertips. Containing a selection from 240 high-quality reference books from the world's leading publishers, xreferplus is the ideal place to start any research. Your institution chooses this selection and can swap in new titles from xrefer as they become available.

Offering access to over 1.7 million individual entries, xreferplus contains all the types of reference books that you'd want to see in any quality library: dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, and books of quotations, not to mention a host of subject-specific titles covering everything from the arts to accountancy and law to literature. And because all our books are provided by the best reference publishers, you know you can believe what you read.

But xreferplus is one digital service that really uses the internet to add another dimension to our books and deliver you more. Not only does our powerful search look through books in seconds, but our unique network of xreferences, connect relevant information across the whole library.

Trial DateFrom now to May 31, 2007


How to use:

1. Please go to library's homepage → click on "Databases" under "E-Resources"→ click on "Databases on Trial"→search or browse the database by subjects

2.Please follow the regulations of publisher's license agreements for the use of databases.

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