Taylor & Francis電子書系統提供18,000本以上的電子書,係精選自Taylor & Francis、Routledge、Psychology Press、CRC Press等多家出版社的學術專業參考書,領域涵蓋人文、社會科學、行為科學、STM、法律等30大類。



1. 請從本館首頁點選「電子書」→「試用電子書」→ 點選「Taylor & Francis電子書」。

2. 使用時請務必遵守出版社使用規範及版權聲明,以免觸法,並影響全校讀者之使用權益。 



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E-Books on Trial--Taylor & Francis eBooks

Brief Description:

Taylor & Francis eBooks contains over 18,000 textbooks, reference books and research monographs, which are published by Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Psychology Press, CRC Press, etc. The subjects of the collection include humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, STM, law, and so on.


How to use:

1. Please go to Library's homepage → click on "E-Books" under "E-Resources"→ click on "E-Books on Trial"→ click on "Taylor & Francis eBooks"

2.Please follow the regulations of publisher's license agreements for the use of databases.

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