[公告] 三校借書一卡通用服務升級





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[Notice] Newly Improved Tri-Library Loan Service

Dear Library Patron,
In order to facilitate the usage of library resources, the NTU (National Taiwan University) Library, the NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) Library, and the NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) Library are introducing the newly improved Tri-Library Loan Service. Through this service, full-time faculty members, full-time staff members, current Ph.D. students, current Master’s students, and current undergraduate students from one of the three universities can use their university IDs to borrow books from the other two universities’ libraries. People who are already using this service can now borrow up to 10 books for 30 days and renew each book once (or, in the case of the NTU Library, renew limitless times with a maximum loan period of 60 days), but cannot reserve books.

If you would like to start using this service, please go online to confirm your agreement to transferring your personal library file to the NTNU Library and the NTUST Library (Link). You will be able to use this service in about 10 work days after your confirmation.
Eligibility for this service was decided by the three universities together. If you are not eligible for this service, you can still check out books from the other two libraries by borrowing interlibrary loan cards from your university library.

Best regards,
Readers Services Division, National Taiwan University Library
Tel: 33662353
Email: tulcir@ntu.edu.tw