[公告] 總圖書館 201641日至45 開館時間調整

親愛的讀者您好,總圖書館4月份開館時間異動如下 ,敬請留意:

 04/03(週日)至04/05(週二)兒童節、民族掃墓節暨兒童節補假,總圖B15樓 閉館,惟自習室照常開放。

圖書館謹祝您 平安順心! 

臺灣大學圖書館閱覽組   敬啟 
[Notice] Changes in Main Library Opening Hours ( 2016.04.01 - 04.05 )

Dear patrons, 
The opening hours of the Main Library from April 1 (Fri.) to April 5 (Tue.) is changed to the following: 

 April 1 (Fri.)- NTU adjusted holiday; same opening hours as a Saturday during the regular semester. 
 April 2 (Sat.)-
Same opening hours as usual. 
 April 3 (Sun.) to April 5 (Tue.) - Children's Day, Tomb Sweeping Day and
the deferred day off for Children's Day; the Library is closed except for the B1 Study Room. 

Best wishes,
Reader Services Division, NTU Library
Posted on March 25, 2016.