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本校訂購的資料庫EIU-Economist Intelligence Unit : Country Finance出版社 EIU目前免費提供一個新的資料庫EIU-Economist Intelligence Unit : Global Forecasting Service給所有訂戶參考。

本資料庫在預測與解釋重要的已開發市場與新興市場的關鍵問題與趨勢並指出它們在未來五年對貿易與世界經濟的影響, 提供資料型式有論文也有圖表, 敬請全校師生踴躍使用。

目前該資料庫有六大項內容 :




1. 請從法社分館首頁點選「電子資源」中的「資料庫」→「經濟學類」→點選欲查詢的資料庫名稱。

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Database : EIU-Economist Intelligence Unit : Global Forecasting ServiceNow Available


EIU-Economist Intelligence Unit : Global Forecasting Service is the market-leading forecasting tool for the world economy.  It predicts and explains the key issues and trends in important developed and emerging markets, spelling out their implications
for business and the world economy over the next five years.

There are six main sections in the database :



How to Use :

1.    Please go to Law and Social Sciences Library’s homepage→click on “Databases” under “E-Resources”→click on ”Economics”→click on the database.

2.    Please follow the regulations of publisher's license agreements for the use of databases.

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