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Issue no. 0010
Issue date: Jul 2019


Course Highlight: Asian Business Consulting (GMBA7110)
Asian Business Consulting also known as the KIT program. KIT Program is a joint program led by National Taiwan University Global MBA, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS). The course involves an intensive one-week stay in the Host Country (Indonesia for 2016-7, Taiwan for 2017-8 and Korea for 2018-9) where students hold business meetings, network with local business leaders, visit companies as well as attend lectures from professors of each partner university.  The unique value proposition of this program is the joint action learning experience made up of 12 participants from each of the 3 countries in Asia to create a global network of future business leaders. This year's Action Learning Field Study location is Korea. Check out our KIT program 2019! 


GMBA Graduation Ceremony and Unity Ball 2019
On 2nd June, we celebrated with GMBA Class of 2019 at their Graduation Ceremony. We were excited to have Dean Andy Guo give us the opening speech and also our beloved Director Chialin Chen deliver words of inspiration. The graduating class of 2019 is Director Chen’s first batch of students that he oversaw from admission to graduation which made everything that happened in these 2 years unforgettable. We were honored to have Mr. Vincent Shih as our commencement guest speaker.  Vincent is a key member of the Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR) Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs (CELA) Leadership Team. He encouraged our students to prepare for the future world.  Last but not least, we ended the ceremony by showing our appreciation to our families for all their support throughout their study at NTU GMBA.
GMBA held its annual Unity Ball event on June 8th to farewell the graduating class of 2019, to show our appreciation to professors, to welcome freshmen and also to mingle with Alumni. With more than a hundred participants, we had an amazing night together.  This year, our current Student Council also showed their appreciation to our past Student Council members for their contribution to the GMBA program.  One freshman said this was a great opportunity to get to know each other, he says:
“I really liked the idea about Unity Ball.  It was an exciting event before semester starts.  Unity Ball gathered incoming students, current students, alumni and professors which built connection at the beginning. Not only Unity Ball created great bonding with the university and student but also formed a huge relationship like a family at the Unity ball.  I was surprised that I got to know a lot of professionals from different field and diverse culture. I got anxious at first that I forget how to act like a human being. But after attending, it removed away the nervousness and awkward feeling. Professor will give advice about the academic. Alumni and current students will tell us the student life in GMBA.  Already I can feel that I am a part of the GMBA Family.”


GMBA Dragon Boat Racing
After finishing #1 in the preliminary race last year, our team faced rather strong competition this year with the National Championship team and the Taipei City Championship team in the same group. Even though we did not enter the final round, we put up a good fight against the two best teams in Taiwan. Most importantly, we also showed great team spirit.


GMBA Alumni Interview: Manuel Edghill, Class of 2010

Brief Introduction of Manuel Edghill
At the age of 13, he moved to Los Angeles California from Caracas, Venezuela. Since then, he has not stopped travelling. Did his undergraduate at the University of Hawaii with a focus in Business and Finance. During that time, he was awarded a 2-month exchange program to Taiwan, which is when he was captivated by the culture in this side of the world. Spent time in Hong Kong and Singapore, yet Taipei always drew him back. Been here for 10 years now.
Q1. You were a member of the first GMBA Student Council who launched Unity Ball, MBA networking events, and created the student lounge that we have now. Thank you! - Can you tell us more about GMBA during your time?
Our pleasure. I will share the credit with Clare Tan, who was our first president and a force of nature at developing and executing all these initiatives. I believe we were the 3rd class ever therefore the program was still going through growing pains, and understandably so. There were many cultures mixing for the first time, with their own expectations of how “things should be done”. The program had yet to get a grasp of how to best address this. As the first student council, we tried to assist here and bridge that gap the best we could. Looking now at how the Student Council is engaged and how our program has grown, it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment being within the group that first got this snow-ball rolling.


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