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Issue no. 0006
Issue date: Jan 2019


GMBA Information Session, 16th Dec 2018

Recruitment of International students has already commenced on 28th Nov.  To give a better idea what is GMBA and why GMBA, we have held an info session on 16th Dec.  In the session, Director Chailin Chen gave a very detailed introduction of our program, it was so informative and interesting!  Then, we invited our current student Kai Shang (Class of 2020) and Ananta Kar (Class of 2019) to share their experience in GMBA, and of course, we also have Primm, Pawaree Kruawong (Class of 2016) to share in view of an alumna.

If you may know someone maybe interested in applying, we will have another Info Session on 13th Jan 2019, Sunday, and this time we will have Charlie Tseng (Class of 2016) to do the alumni sharing!

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Alumni Gathering 2018

This is the first time we have a cross batch Alumni Gathering in a casual way! Out of our expectation, we have more people than we expected but glad that everyone did not mind to squeeze a little bit. From the first batch to the latest one, everyone is mingling friendly with each other. Special thanks to our founding Director Prof Seng-Cho Chou and current Director Professor Chialin Chen who came and have gathering with us, felt like go back to the student times.

Looking forward to the next!


          ****** GMBA ALUMNI INTERVIEW ******

GMBA Alumni Interview, Primm (Dtow) Pawaree Kruawong,

Class of 2016

Brief introduction of Primm (Dtow) Pawaree Kruawong

Primm is a Thai Global MBA Alumni and scholarship awardee from Ministry of Education studied between 2014-2016. During her second year, she found a job which she never thought that she would be passionate about and since then her new chapter of life has begun. She’s now working in Taiwan as regional marketing manager – Thailand and Vietnam for Garmin. She has been growing Garmin’s business in her homeland for more than 200% for consecutive two years and was main force setting up Garmin’s business in Vietnam in 2017.

1. After having a master’s degree in management in London, what is your intention to have another MBA degree here in Taiwan? Comparing your management master degree and GMBA, can you tell me what is the main difference?

The difference is the everything except sitting in the lecture room. Let me give you example when I was assigned the groupwork. Firstly, my team members when I studied in London were four Thais and two Chinese; while in GMBA, there were one Thai, one Singaporean, one French, one Korean and one Panamanian. Therefore, in GMBA I not only learnt co-operating with others, but also learnt others’ working style, attitude, culture and experience from very diverse team members. Secondly, in GMBA, there are more courses to choose from and the size of the class is smaller than in the UK. Lastly, there are many more after-class activities such as volunteering, seminars, parties and so on.



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