Newsletter Issue No.007JUL2008
NTU Confronted the World’s Best Teams in UCLA - Global Business Leadership Competition
NTU Delegation Visited Fudan University and Zhe Jiang University
2008 Fubon-NTU Global MBA Elite Scholarship Award
Global MBA New Course Introduction: “Marketing Management : International Perspectives”
2008 Alumni Theses Seminar --- Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Great Keynote Speech from Dr. Thomas E. Copeland - Visiting Professor in Finance at MIT, Harvard University
NTU/UTD Master Plan with Sponsorship from Ernst & Young Started
Graduation Ceremony of Department and Graduate Institute of Information Management
Financial Studies Seminar: Dr. Lee Cheng-Few
International Visitors to College of Management
The Combat Experiences in UCLA Global Business Leadership Competition
Fubon Elite Scholarship Extends More Possibilities
My Exchange Life at NTU - from exchange student of Université Libre de Bruxelles
Culture Week - the Gateway to Know More about the Outside World
Partner School Overview - Solvay Business School of Université Libre de Bruxelles
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