發行人:鄭素芳     主編:柴惠敏    發行日期:7/ 8/ 2010 (第四十三期)
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Welcome to the First Congress of Asia Physical Therapy Student Association

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

On behalf of the School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University College of Medicine (NTUMC), I am grateful to welcome you to the First Congress of Asia Physical Therapy Student Association (APTSA) in Taipei, Taiwan during the period of July 8-11, 2010. The attendees have included PT student representatives from Asian countries including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, together with student representatives from 13 PT schools in Taiwan. My appreciation goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, the Medical College of NTU, and the PT Association of ROC (Taiwan) that have provided financial support to our activities.

The organizing committee has worked very hard in the past year under the guidance of Dr. Pei-Fang Tang to organize the first APTSA Congress. The program consists of PT education system, general meeting, and sports physical therapy workshop. Dr. Huei-Ming Chai and Dr. Hsing-Kuo Wang who are internationally renowned experts in sports physical therapy are invited to present the kineziotaping and ultrasound assessment for sports injuries. I would like to thank the organizing committee members for their dedication, and all the speakers and presenters for their effort to make the Congress possible.

I would encourage all attendees to take every opportunity during the Congress to share the commonalities and differences of education, practice and research across regions and countries. Your participation and contribution in the discussion and exchange will enhance the understanding and growth of our profession. Besides the busy schedule, please also take your time to enjoy the people, food and places in the beautiful island of Formosa. Best wishes to a successful Congress!

Best regards,