No smoking, no over-drinking, no fat food, plus do exercises and stay in fit, what else can we do in order to have a healthy long life? The answer seems to be "stay in school", according to a recent study by the Harvard School of Medicine.

Is that because people with more education are richer, know more about health information, have more time for holidays, or have better working environments? Or are there other factors involved here which make better-educated people live longer?.....

More education brings you more sunshine.


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Clarity English – Tense Buster

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Life-long learning; learn more, for living!

(Nasir and Bowen are brothers, and they are surfing the Internet in a computer pool.)

Nasir: Hey, Bowen. Anything interesting for the weekend?

Bowen: Check this news. It seems we've got a pretty convincing reason to be good students.

Nasir: What's that?

Bowen: In order to live longer!

Nasir: I'm not following you.

Bowen: The news says that people with more education tend to have longer life expectancy than people with less education.

Nasir: Yeah, of course, they have to live longer for paying off their school fee loans, or for making back the money they spent on books.

Bowen: Well, that's reasonable. But that's not the point.

Nasir: What's the point then?

Bowen: Better educated people are keener to take steps to wipe out their lifestyle maladies. That is, they are more likely to diminish the behavioural factors which can cause tremendous influence on health.

Nasir: Behavioural factors, like what?

Bowen: Like smoking, over-drinking, obesity, inactivity and any habitual behaviour at the expense of health.

Nasir: Are you sure the news is talking about better educated people? Take me as an example, except smoking, I go drinking at a bar with my mates almost every weekend, get a nickname called "Buddha Boy", as you know, for my chubby appearance, and I hate getting sweat after doing sports. So, it doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Bowen: Do you really think you're "BETTER educated"?

Nasir: Well, "FURTHER educated" at least.

Bowen: So, of course, it doesn't make any sense to you. And by the way, cheers for your fifth undergraduate year.

Nasir: Hey, the joke is turning sour. It was all because of that course, Automatic Control.

Bowen: But that was your major. You just always chucked a sickie, and didn't turn up to half the classes.

Nasir: At least, I had a rude awakening in the end.

Bowen: Yeah, by the final academic report.

Nasir: So I'm turning over a new leaf, and going to knuckle down on my study. Is that gonna make me live longer?

Bowen: I don't think so. There are other factors at play here as well, I reckon. But at least, if you really get stuck into study, you'll probably have less time spent on doing things which will wreck havoc on your health. Then you probably can live a couple of years longer.

Nasir: Will I still be healthy enough to have fun in those extra years?

Bowen: Well then, it depends on where you'll be heading to for your life, I reckon.



computer pool (n): 電腦教室
lifestyle malady (n): 生活惡習
life expectancy (n): 壽命
obesity (n): 肥胖
school fee (n): 學費
inactivity (n): 不活動
loan (n): 貸款
sweat (adj): 汗流浹背的
keen (adj): 渴望的
academic report (n): 成績單


I'm not following you: 我不懂你的意思
pay off: 償還
take steps = take actions: 採取行動
at the expense of: 對.....有害
turn sour: 變得不好了;這裡是指"笑話不好笑了"
chuck a sickie: 假裝生病,然後請病假
turn up to: 出現;出席
have a rude awakening: 猛然覺醒
turn over a new leaf: 洗心革面
knuckle down: 專心做;致力於
at play = involved
get stuck into: 專心做;致力於
wreck havoc on: 對....造成嚴重的損害



(ABC News) Longevity Linked to Education, Study Suggests

(The Boston Globe) Better education translates into longer life expectancy, study finds

(News.Com) Get an education, live longer - study


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