NTU’s Cosmopolitan Quarter: Historical Exhibition & Forum for the 55th Anniversary of ICLP 

展覽緣起 / Story behind the Exhibition: 

國際華語研習所的前身為1962年史丹福大學在臺北成立的「中國文化研習所」,1963年擴大編制為「美國各大學中國語文聯合研習所」。1997年納入臺灣大學的行政編制後,更名為「國際華語研習所」(International Chinese Language Program)。雖然名銜幾經更迭,但仍秉持自史丹福中心傳承而來的教學模式與精神,提供最精緻、最有效率的對外華語教學,在學界獨樹一幟。


The International Chinese Language Program was formerly known as the “Chinese Cultural Study Institute,” which Stanford University had established in Taipei in 1962. In 1963, the program adopted a new name: “The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies” (IUP). After coming under NTU’s administration in 1997, the program’s name changed once again, becoming the “International Chinese Language Program” (ICLP). Despite undergoing several name changes, ICLP has upheld the pedagogy and spirit passed down from the Stanford Center and has continued to provide the most sophisticated and effective instruction in Chinese as a Foreign Language, and stand out in the academic world.




To preserve the priceless documents collected over the past 55 years which chronicle the history of ICLP starting from its establishment, ICLP teachers and student volunteers began compiling and organizing this material in November of 2015. Upon finishing, they will donate the documents to the National Taiwan University Library to facilitate the research, publishing, and promotion of these materials.




2017 happens to be ICLP 55th founding anniversary as well as its 20th anniversary of coming under NTU’s administration. To celebrate this special occasion, the program will hold a historical exhibition and forum. The exhibition will cover topics such as the early history of the founding of the program, the administration and pedagogy, classes and textbooks, and final presentations. By weaving together the who, what, when, where, and why, fragments of history are formed which reveal what Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language looked like in the early days of the program. It is our hope this exhibition will resonate with both old friends and new. For the forum, we have formally invited former ICLP directors, senior instructors, outstanding alumni, and representatives of the various government ministries. We hope to inspire academic exchange between scholars both at home and abroad, and dedicate ourselves to the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language so that we can do our part for the promotion of second language education worldwide.












You are cordially invited to join these events to share our joy and pride.

Registration (by 23 October): https://goo.gl/forms/3nkDIJaT5vvw1KRr2


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